Max’s 2014 International Convention
September 3-6, 2014

Transform Your Life

at Max’s International Convention
September 3-6, 2014
This is Your Stage and Your Opportunity to Transform your Health, your Business, and your Life. Join us in Salt Lake City from September 5-6 for the newest reveals, exclusive rewards, grandest recognition, and your greatest networking opportunity.
Your Convention Host and Master of Ceremonies

Jason Hewlett

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Short Film Premier
Convention will debut an exclusive short film about the Max Gives Back charitable program.
Preview this inspirational presentation with these short clips.
  • Max International Founder Steve Scott
    Steve & Shannon Scott
    Founder of Max International
  • Max International Co-CEO Joe Voyticky
    Joe Voyticky | Jim Stevralia
    Co-CEO | Max President
  • Max VP of Sales Bob Kaelin
    Bob Kaelin
    Vice President of Sales
If you enjoyed these short clips come see the entire film at our 2014 Convention!


Transform Your Concept of Luxury at Salt Lake City’s
Only AAA Five Diamond Hotel
This year’s International Convention is at our Grandest Location yet! Recognized by the AAA as Salt Lake’s only Five Diamond hotel, the Grand America features a level of service and luxury that’s second to none in the state!


  • The Most Luxurious Rooms

  • An Award Winning Café

  • An Exquisite Spa with full salon services

  • Pristine indoor and outdoor pools

  • Beautifully landscaped courtyards

Paid in Commissions


Transform Your Max Business With Convention
Events and Presentations
Max International’s 2014 convention is set to TRANSFORM your business into something greater. Join us for an entire weekend of activities, training, and presentations that will be the highlight of the year.

Click on the links below for the agenda and information
for this year’s convention: TRANSFORM.

Dr. Herb Nagasawa

50+ Year Career as Researcher and Professor

Named Principal Scientist of V.A. Medical Center

Over 170 Research Papers Published

8 Patents or Patents Pending

Creator of Max’s Patented RiboCeine Technology


Transforming Health through Our Breakthrough and
Fully Patented RiboCeine Technology.

The Max Opportunity has expanded
across 12 markets on 5 different continents.
Let's celebrate this amazing international success.

Experience Across the Globe

Transforming the World Through Success with Significance
Max International’s growth over the past several years has brought life-changing product experiences and new opportunity to people all over the world. During the International Convention we will pause to recognize the amazing achievements of our Associates everywhere.
Join us in Salt Lake City as we celebrate your success and plan ahead for our future opportunities and expansions.

“Our goal is to market the direct selling and network marketing industry as a legitimate source of business opportunity and be a vehicle to improve the quality of life for more and more Filipinos."
- Joey Sarmiento, Max Philippines
GM and Chairman of the DSAP

“I want to give back, to help people. I am excited to spread this business to all of Africa, because health is everyone’s business. These are products that everyone can benefit from, that
everyone should be taking.”
- Andrew Apo, Max’s first Gold Associate in Ghana

“Notre mission est de contribuer à faire une différence dans la vie et l’environnement social des gens. Si nous pouvions partager une chose très importante, ce serait de comprendre la nécessité de maintenir un équilibre entre la santé, la famille et votre Entreprise.

“Our mission is to help make a difference in people’s lives and within their social environment. If we could share one important thing it would be that we understand the importance of having a balance between health, family and a business life.”
- Chris and Tammy Gingras, Max Canada
Crown Diamond Associates

"Cuando usted le dice sí a Max, no sólo dice sí a su patrocinador, pero también a su futuro, su legado y a la vida de todas las personas a las que su negocio puede servir. Nosotros nos unimos a Max para emprender ese camino, ahora disfrutamos del éxito y la buena vida"

“When you say yes to Max you say yes to not only your sponsor, but also your future, your legacy and the lives of all the people your business will serve. We joined Max to begin this journey, now we’re enjoying success and a good life.”
- Alex Monterrosa, Max Double Diamond Associate