Join Us For Max's
2019 Diamond Retreat

The Palace of the Lost City.

To be recognized as a Max Diamond Leader at the exclusive Diamond Retreat event - you need:


The drive to succeed, constantly charging towards the future.


The commitment to build a community with unbreakable purpose.


The intelligence to innovate and make the most of every opportunity.


The strength to overcome all obstacles, surpass limitations and achieve your dreams.


The demonstration of true leadership by building a business that is the pride of the Max family.

When you have all of these Big Five Attributes, then you're ready to claim your place alongside the Big Five

Sun City

Max International's 2019 Diamond Retreat


Discover all that Sun City has to offer


Play 36 Holes
on Two Full Courses

Home to two 18-hole, par 72 golf courses designed by South African legend Gary Player: the Lost City Golf Course and the Gary Player Golf Course.


Reach Speeds
up to 120 km/h

This extreme slide runs for 2km (1.2 miles) at a height of 280m (almost 920ft). Riders reach speeds of up to a daredevil 120 km/h (75mi/h)

The Palace of the Lost City

An unparalleled 5-star hotel experience

Featuring sun-baked safaris, beach getaways, and gaming thrills

Experience royal hospitality, gourmet meals, and the adventure of a lifetime

Meet, network, and conference with fellow Diamonds and Max executives

The Most Exclusive event to celebrate accomplishments and commemorate success


Diamonds and their spouse/significant other, will be invited to attend an all-expense* paid trip to an exotic location the first time they rank advance to Diamond rank or higher - or - when they qualify at the Diamond or higher rank for 3 months within the designated 12 month qualification period. May 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019 is the period to earn the 2019 Diamond Retreat to South Africa!

If a Diamond does not have a spouse/significant other, they can bring an immediate family member as their guest. *All-expenses paid trip includes airfare, meals, and hotel accommodations.

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